Rates + Health Plan Coverage

Medical Services Plan coverage

  • Medical Services Plan (MSP) generally covers $23 per treatment for patients on Premium Assistance, GIS, Income Assistance, and more. Full details here.
  • I submit to MSP on behalf of patients so you pay what MSP does not cover.
  • Treatment fees must be paid in full at the time of treatment.
  • Patients on MSP Premium Assistance are entitled to a total of 10 visits per year to specialists including RMTs, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists or Naturopaths.
  • For example, a patient could receive four massage treatments, three physiotherapy treatments, and three chiropractic treatments in one year.

Health Insurance

  • Many extended medical plans include coverage for massage therapy treatment.
  • Please consult your carrier in order to determine the exact nature of your coverage.

Private Rates

Treatment rates are dependent upon duration.  Treatment length is flexible; however, the basic costs are as follows:

Klahoose Health Centre

  • 30 mins        $60
  • 45 mins        $80
  • 1 hour          $100
  • 90 mins        $150

Note: for 60 minute treatments I offer MSP patients a $20 discount, so with valid coverage, MSP patients are responsible for paying $60 for 1 hour

RMT treatment prices are subject to GST